Graduate Students

Current Students Graduated Students

Undergraduate Students

Washington State University
  • Andrew Varkey, Fall 2023-Present
  • Moises Carranza, Spring 2023-Present
Wichita State University
  • Edwin Lopez, Summer 2022-Fall 2022
  • Zarin Iffat Mira, Summer 2022-Fall 2022
  • Jonathan Spachek, Spring 2022-Summer 2022
  • Erick Oduniyi, Summer 2021-Fall 2021
  • Chidera Okoro, Summer 2021-Fall 2022
  • Hasan Qamber, Summer 2021

Note for prospective students: I am always looking to hire motivated students to work together on systems security research. If you are a prospective graduate student interested in working with me, please apply to one of our graduate programs and inform me. If you are already an admitted PhD/MS student at WSU, please email me to schedule a meeting. Please do not take it personally if I do not reply, as I get a lot of emails.

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